Latest fee publication = July 2018

Initial home assessment/consultation and first treatment = £30

(approximately 60 minutes)

(Appointments at The Victoria Park Clinic = £35.00)

Follow up home visit are from £30 for one person (approximately 45 minutes) depending upon the complexity of the treatment plan required.

(Appointments at The Victoria Park Clinic = £35.00)

Home visit for two or more people at the same address there is a £5.00 reduction per treatment – according to the complexity of the treatment required.

Both toe and finger nail treatments –  £35.00

Fees and on going treatment plans will be discussed during your first assessment and treatment visit.

Extra charges may be required for any complex or multifactorial treatments,  “major” dressings, paddings, toe wedges etc.

All treatments are finished off with a complimentary foot massage using “Flexitol” foot cream.

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